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Schedule rehearsals, manage gigs & more.

All your bands, in one app.

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Manage Gigs & Rosters

  • Keep track of band members on a per-gig basis
  • Add Subs easily and quickly
  • Flexible payout tracking: Guarantee, Door Deals, and/or Bar Percentages
  • Attach set lists, riders and stage plot files to each event
  • One click to Google Maps navigation on mobile
  • Duplicate events with one click. Useful for residencies and regular rehearsals
  • Track past events and payouts

All Your Bands & Projects

  • As many bands as you need
  • Fast switching between band accounts
  • Gap Finder™ - the smartest availability checker ever
  • File & media storage
  • Link to your SoundCloud files
  • Dashboard View shows every gig and rehearsal on the books
  • Musicians only see their individual payouts, Band Leaders see everything
  • Hand off Band Leader privileges at any time

Availability Finder Heaven

Band Ninja tells you when your band members are available. This is the easiest rehearsal booking and availability system ever. Gap Finder™ scans synced personal calendars and all of your band members events in Band Ninja. Times when everyone is available are instantly highlighted while ensuring each band member's privacy.

All your Events & Devices

Import your Existing Gigs Get all your existing gigs and rehearsals into Band Ninja. Hit the ground running.

Keep all your Events in Check Subscribe to each of your Band Ninja calendars and have your gigs and rehearsals synced across all devices on any calendar client.

Less talk. More Ninja.

Spend your time making music and promoting your shows. Leave the boring stuff to us!

Band Leaders Get Band Ninja:

  • Stop chasing musicians right now. Get everyone on the same page.
  • Everything a band leader needs to stay organized.
  • Save time & stop needing to constantly follow up with band members.
  • Rostering, Payouts, Scheduling Gigs & Rehearsals, Messaging and More for every band you lead.

Musicians Get Band Ninja.

  • Access all your bands, and all your gigs with one login.
  • Repertoire and set lists conveniently stored in the app. Access on the go.
  • Sync your personal calendars and let Gap Finder™ tell the band leader your availability!
  • Subscribe to band calendars in whatever calendar app you choose.
  • Band Ninja™ (Beta version) web app works great on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • ...and it's free.

Try it now. It's free.